Bloomingdale Communications has a rich and lengthy history. At our start, we worked to ensure that every home had a phone in Bloomingdale Township. Over time, the company found itself acquiring several local phone companies. Bloomingdale Communications was a growing company.

In the 1990s, the company began offering internet through DSL service. Today, we are upgrading to fiber internet throughout our service area which includes areas outside of Bloomingdale Township borders by several miles and a separate service area in Paw Paw and Mattawan. For more details about our history, select the link below.

See our full history here: History of Bloomingdale Communications

For history of the telephone, see this site:

For history of the internet, see this site:

Board of directors

Bloomingdale Communications is governed by a board elected by our private stockholders. In such, our board members are residents of the area, grew up in the Bloomingdale Township area, and are respected within this community. Board members are listed below.

Richard Godfrey


Richard (Dick) sits in the seat his father filled for 44 years on the board and has been on the board since 2006.

George Fritz, Jr.


Elected to our Board in 2007, George is a native to the Bloomingdale area where he and his family have harvested blueberries for decades.

Donald Dickerson


Donald was elected to the board in 2007 and is a lifelong resident of Bloomingdale Township.

Ron Baylor


Elected in 2018, Ron is a native of Bloomingdale, MI.

Tim Remington


Elected to our Board in 2007, Tim was raised in Bloomingdale and now raises his own children here.

Brian Myers


Elected in 2021, Brian is a lifelong resident of the Cheshire Township, Allegan Area.

Robert Remington


Elected in 1979, Robert is a lifelong resident of the area. In addition, he has served as president of our board from 1995 to 2012.