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Bloomingdale Communications
Bloomingdale Communications2 weeks ago
We’ve received multiple reports of customers experiencing outbound calling issues, we will continue to monitor the reports, and also see if we can isolate any trouble within our network, thus far we’ve not been successful in finding anything major that would cause the issue, however, we have been made aware of network issues among the major wireless carriers, which may be why people are experiencing call connectivity issues; if you are calling from our landline network to a wireless network, the call may be affected due to the wireless network issues. Again, we will continue to monitor the situation. We appreciate your patience while we continue your investigate.
Bloomingdale Communications
Bloomingdale Communications2 weeks ago
As your local provider, our company is also your neighbor. We’re here to help you select the best communications services for your household and provide responsive tech support when you have questions. We’ll also work alongside you for the success of local nonprofit organizations and fundraising events which make our community even better.
Bloomingdale Communications
Bloomingdale Communications1 month ago