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Bloomingdale Communications
Bloomingdale Communications2 days ago
We have worked relentlessly today to get an internet connection to the Paw Paw Red Wolves stadium so they would be able to stream the game for their fans...and mission on behalf of Bloomingdale Communications...GO RED WOLVES! #pphs #pawpawredwolves
Bloomingdale Communications
Bloomingdale Communications2 days ago
So this will allow you to see historical content from a mobile app on areas along the Kal Haven Trail. That is really awesome for our communities and the visitors. . . . it's also great for the people who are from here to learn more about the places we live in!! 🙂
Bloomingdale Communications
Bloomingdale Communications3 days ago
By the end of 2020, Bloomingdale Comm will have built an all fiber network with the last customers getting converted off our copper based network hopefully by the second quarter of 2021. After that, we will be moving right into our USDA-RUS ReConnect Round 1 project (which we have been talking about recently) in 2021-2022. Hopefully as that project is going on, we will be working on our USDA-RUS ReConnect Round 2 project in a couple of areas as well.

When that is all done, it is possible that little Bloomingdale Communications will have approximately 8,000 homes and businesses in rural Van Buren and Allegan counties served with the most modern, Fiber to the Home service.