Bloomingdale Communications is Deeply Committed to Our Service Area in Michigan

Local, Independently Owned Business

Bloomingdale Communications is a progressive, independent communications company that began providing landline phone service in 1905 to Bloomingdale residents and now offers a variety of services to communities in Van Buren and Allegan County. Unlike our national competitors, we care about more than just making a profit. We care about making a difference.

Local and Responsive Customer Care

With Bloomingdale Communications as your provider, your business can count on an exceptional level of customer service. Personal attention and prompt responses are just a local phone call away — you’ll never be sent to a call center on the other side of the world. You can also stop by our local business office for a face-to-face consultation.

The entire Bloomingdale Communications team lives in, works in, and supports the communities we serve. Which means as one of our customers, you’ll be treated like a neighbor since you are a neighbor.

Internet Solutions

Business Fiber Internet

Bloomingdale Communications offers internet speeds up to 1 Gig in our fiber service area; available at competitive rates. Starting at $74.99.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet allows you to cost-effectively connect multiple locations together and carry all of your converged services (such as data and VoIP) over our fiber network.

Managed WiFi

Let us handle Wi-Fi management and troubleshooting.
We’ll install a commercial-grade router to make sure
your Wi-Fi network transmits the full speeds of your
internet plan and provide ongoing maintenance and
tech support.

Business Interenet

per month
100 Mbps download and upload speed
NO Commitments
24/7 Priority Support
Unlimited data
per month
250 Mbps download and upload speed
NO Commitments
24/7 Priority Support
Unlimited data
per month
500 Mbps download and upload speed
NO Commitments
24/7 Priority Support
Unlimited data

Email and Website

Internet Hosted Email

If your business has an established domain name
(website address), Bloomingdale Communications can set up internet hosted email addresses for your employees such as

This helps strengthen your brand each time an email
is shared.

Web Hosting and Design

Bloomingdale Communications offers a variety of
web hosting solutions to fit the needs of different

Domain Registration and DNS Hosting

Your online presence should match the rest of your branding and marketing. Bloomingdale Communications can help you find and register the perfect domain for your new business. We can then manage
DNS (Domain Name System) so customers can find
your website and contact you via email.

Business TV

BCI High Definition TV

Whether you run a small bar, a business office, or the busiest restaurant in town, it pays to give your customers the option of watching TV to make their time with you more enjoyable. Bloomingdale Communications offers several business plans for digital TV to meet the needs of environments:

  • Bars and Restaurants – Turn your establishment into the ultimate destination for sports viewing.
  • Hotels, Hospitals, and Apartments – Call us for a custom quote for multi-dwelling locations.
  • Private Offices and Break Rooms – Stay on top of breaking news that shapes your industry. We deliver the programming your business needs to see.
  • Business Viewing – Keep customers entertained while waiting for car repairs or a medical appointment. Make the time go faster at a workout center.

Our digital TV service features excellent viewing quality, a wide variety of channels including HD programming, and competitive rates.


Video services must be bundled with other services.

Some channels may require additional fees to be used in a business.


Local, Long Distance, and More

In addition to local calling, Bloomingdale Communications provides affordable long distance and 800

number service. Add your choice of calling features to enhance call management. We also offer an easy-to-use conference bridge service.

Hosted/Cloud PBX

With Hosted/Cloud PBX, you don’t have to purchase and maintain your own on-premise phone system — we take care of that for you. This VoIP technology provides expanded capabilities and important advantages including:

  • Reduced Capital Investment – No big upfront investment in hardware.
  • Flexibility to Meet Growing Needs – The service can grow as your business grows, with no limits to adding users, sites, and features.
  • Security and Reliability – Our network will automatically handle calls and messages during power outages, and employees can forward calls to home or mobile phones.
  • Mobility Options for Remote Workers – Employees can easily connect to your Hosted/Cloud PBX over their home internet connection.
Traditional Business Phone Systems

Ideal for the business without the need for a Cloud Hosted PBX, these systems provide popular features and are installed and backed by our trained technicians.

Also available are these dedicated line services: PRI (Primary Rate Interface), T-1 and DID (Direct Inward Dialing). Ask us about pricing for any of our Business Phone Solutions.