Battery Backup Disclaimer

With the investment in and deployment of fiber, the most advanced network available today, the one function that copper telephone service provided that fiber cannot is line power. Copper-based telephone service continued functioning during a power outage because low-voltage power passed through the line, keeping the telephone operating. Today’s fiber technology is made of glass, which cannot carry low-voltage power across it.

In accordance with Section 9.20 of the FCC rules, Bloomingdale Communications Inc. is obligated to annually notify customers who subscribe to telephone service delivered through an optical network terminal; in the event of a power outage, telephone service delivered through an optical network terminal will become non-operational.  The optical network terminal requires electrical power to deliver the telephone service, therefore, if the optical network terminal loses power, the telephone service will become non-operational.  Non-operational telephone service includes the inability to make ANY call including a local call, long distance call, and/or emergency 9-1-1 call.    

Bloomingdale Communications Inc. provides subscribers a battery back-up unit.  The battery backup unit that Bloomingdale Communications Inc. provides to its subscribers is a temporary power source in the event of an electrical outage.   The battery backup unit that Bloomingdale Communications Inc. provides to its subscribers has an estimated use expectancy of up to eight (8) hours.  The battery backup unit’s use expectancy is dependent on these variables, including, but not limited to the following: (i) the battery backup remains properly installed; (ii) the battery backup has been properly charged; (iii) the condition and age of the battery; (iv) the amount of phone usage taking place while the optical network terminal is utilizing battery backup power.  The battery backup unit’s typical recharge time is approximately 14 hours (90% charged).  The battery within the backup unit has a 3-year warranty.   

Bloomingdale Communications Inc. offers subscribers the ability to purchase an extended battery backup.  The extended battery backup solution has an estimated use expectancy of 24 hours.  The extended battery backup unit solution is made by Precision Power.   Subscribers have the option to purchase the extended battery backup unit from Bloomingdale Communications Inc. for a one-time cost of $219 plus applicable sales tax or from a local retailer. 

Bloomingdale Communications has an integrated telemetry interface that provides alarm conditions to the ONT (optical network terminal) in which battery backup statuses such as, but not limited to, On Battery, Replace Battery, Battery Missing, Low Battery are monitored on an ongoing basis.