Process of Installing Fiber

As our fiber project is starting to reach homes, let us take a few minutes to show you the steps that are necessary to take fiber from our central hub to your home.

1. You probably recall a representative coming to your home to request that you sign paperwork allowing the fiber drop to your home. You may have met the person at your home or received a door hanger that prompted you to come into the office. Either way, the first step in the process is to receive your permission to run fiber to your home.

2. After the form is signed it is provided to a project manager to assign a site survey to be completed. In this step, we determine where the drop will be installed in your home.

3. Somewhat simultaneously teams are surveying and marking the wiring routes along the road.

4. After marking the path, the ducting (conduit) is run along the road. The orange “pipe” that you see sticking up out of the ground is the ducting.

5. Next the wiring is run through the ducting and spliced at the connection points. At this point you will see pedestals at the connection points.

6. After the road wiring is done, the drop crew runs wires to homes. Prior to this you will likely see white flags marking the path of the wire in your yard.

7. Even though the wiring is run, the system is not yet ready to be connected to your home. Next a crew will come by and splice the wiring to the box on the side of your home.

8. You will then hear from someone at our office to schedule wiring of the interior of your home and that wiring will be completed.

9. At this point you are probably getting pretty excited about those new fiber speeds and reliability but there are still more steps. We must test each site. A site is a large area that is connected to a hub of sorts. In the map, you can see the different site areas. Each site has to be fully installed in all homes before testing. The only exception to this is those running of the central hub. Those will be tested in “legs.” Watch the map for updates.

10. After testing, we will be ready to schedule installs and turn everything on. Then we can celebrate!


Digging to place pipe

Trenching and placing pipe

Connections at road

Flags to house

Connection at house

image of home with sidewalk to road. shows flags placed for utility work and numbers to visually show the information presented in the text above

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