Our Year in Review

Our Year in Review-2019

It has been busy year here at Bloomingdale Communications.  We would like to thank our customers for that!  We are in full swing of the Bloomingdale Exchange Fiber Overlay Project.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn’t very forgiving in the spring & early summer causing unexpected construction delays.   Although we did not make as much progress on the project as we’d hoped to in 2019; Our goal for 2020 is to have the entire Bloomingdale Exchange up & running on the new fiber network.  We cannot thank our Bloomingdale Exchange customers enough for their patience and understanding.  We know our rural internet customers are excited to finally bump up to 21st century internet speeds! 

In addition to the fiber project, we also recently converted to a new billing system.  The new billing software allows our customer care team members, technical support staff, and field technicians easier access to customers’ records, products, & services.  The new billing software has also provided us the ability to create a fresh, new bill design.  The new bill design is in a much easier to read format.  In addition to the new bill design; The new software allowed us to update our eBill site.  The eBill site is now more user friendly and provides customers more details about their Bloomingdale Communication services.

Best of all, Bloomingdale Communications has continued our community involvement throughout 2019.  This year we’ve had the pleasure of being designated drop off locations for causes including, Samuel’s Blanket Drive for the Homeless, Toys for Tots, and Eyeglasses for the Lions Club.  We’ve enjoyed sponsoring and participating at local school events, both athletically and academically.  We will continue to partner with the communities we service in 2020.   

As we progress into 2020, we will continue providing local, quality, reliable services to Southwestern Michigan.  One of our goals for 2020 is to continue expanding our fiber optic footprint and bring 21st century internet speeds to rural Southwestern Michigan. 

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