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  January 2020  
Bloomingdale Fiber Overlay Project Update

Construction update

On November 15th, 2019 Bloomingdale Communications successfully connected a few locations to the new fiber network. Since then, our construction subcontractors have ceased operations for the season, but our splicing crews are still out and about. Although construction has halted for the season, we do have some locations where construction is complete and upon final network testing those locations are deemed ready for install. Our splicing crews are working throughout the entire Bloomingdale area. Each of our splicing subcontractors have a magnet on the side of their vehicle which identifies them as a Bloomingdale Communications contractor. They are also wearing identification badges that identify them as a Bloomingdale Communications contractor. We understand that our Bloomingdale area customers are excited to get the fiber optic network installed; trust us, we are too! We anticipated being much further along with the project than we are today, but we are committed to wrapping up this project as quickly as possible. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate our Bloomingdale area customers’ patience during this project. Once construction starts back up in the Spring, we are committed to sharing regular progress updates.
Want To Reduce Your Monthly Paperwork?

Ebilling Bloomingdale Communications offers paperless billing and encourages you to use this service if you aren’t already. By switching from mailed paper bills to paperless billing, you gain these benefits:
  • Greater convenience

  • Increased security and privacy

  • Improved record keeping

  • Savings of time and money

  • Reduced paper use to help the environment
With paperless billing, you’ll receive monthly bill notifications from Bloomingdale Communications via email. You can easily view and pay your bill online and have access to past billing records.

CLICK HERE to sign up for paperless billing.
What to Consider When Choosing Your Internet Speed

internet speed consideration Different households will require different internet speeds. Here’s what to consider:
  • The more internet-connected devices you have, the more speed you need. Take a look around and add up all your internet-connected devices including computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, smart home devices, Blu-ray disc players, video game consoles, and streaming media players (such as Roku). When several devices are using your home’s internet connection simultaneously, they share the bandwidth. If your internet plan isn’t fast enough to handle this usage, you’ll experience the annoyances of slow-loading webpages and buffering (video interruptions).

  • How you use the internet has likely changed in recent years. Most households are now using their internet connection for far more than just email or web surfing. For example, if you’re enjoying the convenience and value of streaming entertainment, such as watching movies and TV shows via Netflix or Hulu, you’ll need an internet speed that’s fast enough to accommodate this activity.

  • You can often get a big increase in internet speed for a small monthly price. Check out our current plans and pricing here.
If you have questions or would like additional guidance, call (269) 521-7300 or (800) 377-3130.
WatchTVEverywhere Lets You Be Creative With TV Viewing

WatchTVEverywhere Pick your devices. Pick your location. Pick your program. With WatchTVEverywhere, everyone in your family enjoys lots of options for how, where, and what to watch.

Slumber party time? The kids can watch a movie on a laptop in their fort. Waiting for a plane? You can catch up with your favorite drama show on your smartphone at the airport. WatchTVEverywhere works from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Plus, WatchTVEverywhere is free with your qualifying Bloomingdale Communicatinos TV package. To learn more, call (269) 521-7300 or (800) 377-3130 today.
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