Bloomingdale Fiber Overlay Project Updates

Even though it’s wintertime; We are still moving along with the Bloomingdale Exchange Fiber Overlay Project. 

Last week we received the go ahead to install approximately 80 more locations!  Our Plant Department is working diligently to get this set of customers’ fiber service installed.

 Just as a reminder, if you reside in the Bloomingdale Exchange area and are unsure if you’ve taken the first step to getting the fiber to your home, please visit our website and click on the Bloomingdale Fiber Overlay Project Update link on our homepage.  The first step to getting the fiber service installed is signing a fiber drop form.  By signing that fiber drop form, that gives us permission to run the fiber line from the road to your home/business.  If we have a signed fiber drop form, that will ensure your address is on the list.  If you are unsure if you’ve filled out a fiber drop form, please complete this form .

As Spring approaches, the project will begin to move at a faster pace.   Again, we appreciate our Bloomingdale Exchange customer’s patience.  Super-fast fiber internet service is coming soon!

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